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All About WebSavänt

The metamorphosis of a finance & banking professional to digital marketing

All about WebSavänt metamorphorsis from computer engineering to digital marketing – how WebSavant is rebranding as a digital marketing agency.

WebSavänt is a digital marketing, search engine optimization, and wordPress web design & development company that deploys effective digital presence for small businesses of various sizes in diverse niches.

WebSavänt’s mission is to help small businesses easily transform from a brick-and-mortar only business, to a brick-and-mortar and digital business in the digital age. Coupled with empowering small businesses to become independent of their service providers.

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Akin Francis Adegbesan
C.E.O / Small Business Digital Manager

Finance & Banking Phase

As a previous finance & banking student with South Eastern University, Washington DC and a veteran of the Corporate Finance & Banking Industry in the United States where I lived and worked for about 17 years, I was fortunate to have discovered the power of the Internet in 1999.

The internet allows you to:

  • ATTRACT a complete stranger through organic search on Google
  • ENGAGE her to become a lead that can be contacted frequently with strong offers that arouses her interest, and close her to a paying customer by building her trust in you and feeding her constantly with relevant content that meets her needs, and;
  • DELIGHT her with customer service and valuable contents that turns her to a willing promoter of your business’ brand as she refers her associates, family, friends and colleagues to you.

Upon my return to Nigeria in 2002, I looked for paid employment in the Finance & Banking Sector and could not find a perfect fit so I re-trained myself in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Computer Engineering Phase

I initially started a Computer Engineering Firm (P.C. Mechanic, Ltd.) in 2003 after my certification as a Computer Engineer.
P.C. Mechanic was involved in computer sales, troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and networking.

Due to the volatile business climate of Nigeria and other circumstances beyond my control, I was often frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed-out, and had to finally give it up.

Web Development Phase

With countless sleepless nights, many hours of online browsing time, thousands of hard-earned money spent both in U.S. Dollars and Naira, and hands-on practice of Web Design, I retrained myself again in WordPress Web Development.

I did this by visiting many web development training websites and taking their online courses, downloading thousands of free eReports, online videos, podcast audios, and other resources.

Digital Marketing Phase

I crowned it all by getting trained as a Small Business Digital Manager, completed my training as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign U.S.A. and as a Certified Search Engine Optimization Specialist with University of California at Davis U.S.A. both through Coursera an online educational platform.

WebSavänt's Digital Presence Process

WebSavänt’s mission is to help small businesses easily transform from a ‘brick-and-mortar’ only business, to a ‘brick-and-mortar’ and ‘digital business’ in the digital age. Coupled with empowering small businesses to become independent of their service providers.
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Develop Your Digital Vehicle

Here I will supervise or build, manage, and grow your digital presence (website and/or mobile apps) that will help you achieve your digital goals and realize your objectives established in step 2.

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Decide Systems & Organizational Structures

Here you will decide the systems and organizational structure you will need to implement to effectively manage your digital processes.

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Develop Digital Business Strategies

In this phase I conduct a SWOT Analysis that identifies and fix any of your business' internal weaknesses, allows you to profit from opportunities, and avoid any external threats.

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Create Strategic Plans

In this phase I create and implement strategic plans based on the questions we will ask you.

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Create Digital Vision

Help your business create a 'digital vision' statement that will help you visualize what your digital presence will help your business achieve.

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Set Goals & Objectives

Here I help you set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Based) goals and objectives

Are You Ready
Get your local business online or optimize your current digital presence for effective conversions. ATTRACT a qualified audience of prospects searching for your products and/or services, ENGAGE them with relevant high quality content that converts them to paying customers, and DELIGHT them into raving fans that adds more profits to your business bottom-line!