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A professionally configured restaurant wordpress website is an essential business marketing system in the hands of an enlightened restaurant owner because consumers in the ‘digital age’  are accustomed to so many necessary informations that in ‘traditional marketing age’ make seem unimportant. And often times many restaurant owners today still makes these mistakes.

  • They don’t have a restaurant website
  • If they do get a website some fail to provide a way for their website visitors to buy directly from their online menu in real-time – they just display a catalog-like menu that dinners can just browse
  • Some fail to even display their prices on the menu that is available in their ‘brick-n-mortar’ restaurant – I remember getting a chinese restaurant’s menu in my neighborhood in Lagos, and was surprised to notice that none of the menu items have a price on them.
  • Your food photographs and photographs of the ambiance of your restaurant – more on this later in the article.
  • Your hours of operation including acceptable time for table reservations, local pickup and deliveries if you offer these.
  • Your location and the directions to your restaurant
    • Your parking space availability and valet parking service (if you offer it)
  • How to make table reservations directly from your website – using free booking system
  • Any available offers/promotions/events/restrictions that your restaurant might have
  • Blog posts of recipes, dish recommendations, dinners and your restaurant’s stories, specials of the day, specials of the month, current promotions and happenings within the restaurant – like new managers, suppliers, new hires, employees promotions etc.

These are all essential informations that creates value I the eyes of prospective customers and established customers motivating them to visit your restaurant and probably become lifetime patrons.

How Much All These Functionalities Will Cost

Web design costs vary widely depending on the market your restaurant is located in. Restaurants located in the city will probably pay more than those located in the suburbs, but generally you should expect to spend a few thousands.

You will also need to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress instead of just any proprietary website templates that are abundant on the internet.

Why Should I Use WordPress for my Restaurant’s Website Design?

Using WordPress as your digital vehicle to deploy your small business digital presence has many advantages:

  • With WordPress you can build any kind of website
  • You can easily change anything and everything on your website anytime you want
  • Using WordPress is easy and requires no technical expertise or coding skills
  • Anyone can easily learn how to build, manage, and grow a web presence using WordPress without hiring a Website Designer/Website Developer (unless you want to)
  • WordPress and its associated themes and plugins is either free or inexpensive
  • WordPress is free with many free plugins and themes that can be used to enhance the functionalities or design of your website. There are also ‘Premium’ paid plugins and themes that are generally inexpensive
  • A WordPress website works right out of the box
  • It can easily be installed in less than a minute and will work with its basic default settings
  • Faster turnaround time to setup your website once all the necessary information has been provided to the Web Designer/Web Developer

These are all essential informations that creates value in the eyes of prospective customers and established customers motivating them to visit your restaurant and probably become lifetime patrons.

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